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The answer to a large number of metal problems is the use of sandblasting, which can easily get rid of unsightly rust or the removal of old paint. It can easily remove scale, corrosion, rust, and paint from metal surfaces, which makes the metal ready to be primed and painted. Logan Steel has a sandblasting area that can fit almost anything you need to get done. We’ve performed sandblasting services for a large variety of jobs, including:

Industrial Priming & Painting Services

Primer is a kind of paint that is applied to act as a protective barrier between surfaces and to seal out air. A primer is a blend of epoxy and premium resins which offer superior resistance to corrosion and adhesion characteristics. Logan steel offers a variety of priming paints that will help restore and prevent any metal blemishes.

Our industrial metal priming and painting services offer the perfect final touch for the finishing of precision steel fabrication. We have the knowledge and expertise to know what paints are best suited for a specific metal, since certain paints behave differently when applied to aluminum versus carbon steel. Our priming and painting facility is equipped with an advanced application system that allows for controlled spray systems. These allow for cleaner, safer working environments for our technicians will also offering superior coverage, precision, and overall finish.


Logan Steel offers high quality deburring services to get rid of potentially harmful sharps and other deformities from your metal. Mechanical burrs can occur from when the punching, shearing, or drilling of a metal piece. These can become an injury risk to anyone who may come into contact with the piece of metal, especially if they’re not wearing gloves or the right PPE when they handle it. We can help deburr a large variety of materials, including:

Superior Powder Coating Services

What is Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is a high-quality finish that has become in the industry standard for coatings since its introduction in the 1960’s. It works by applying electrostatically charged powder to a grounded part with the use of a special spray gun. Once the powder has been applied, the part is placed into a curing oven where it will stay in the 400 degree oven for several minutes. During this time the pigments and resin that make up the powder begin to chemically react, which creates the hardened durable coat that Power Coating is known for.

Long-lasting Durability

The durability that power coating provides is unmatched by other liquid finishes. It protects the rough and touch equipment – such as industrial bulldozers and backhoes – to regular household items – like bulkheads and outdoor railings. Power coated products also suffer less from color fading due to their higher resistances to chemicals, UV light, and extreme weather conditions. It’s also high resistant to chipping, scratches, and corrosion. Powder coating is more environmentally friendly than other liquid finishes because it produces significantly less VOC’s (volatiles organic compounds) that standard liquid finishes do.

The Benefits of Powder Coating:

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